Preston Satchwell, CIT
Director of Operations, Compliance, & Recovery Service
Longbranch Recovery Center

Preston Satchwell has been working in addiction treatment since May of 2014 and is deeply passionate about his work as a recovered addict himself. Years of studying and training under treatment industry veterans and worldwide circuit speakers has instilled in him a passion for giving recovery lectures and incubating life-changing experiences for those that others have deemed a lost cause.

Preston’s continuous fascination with the timeless principles of recovery has led to the creation of a robust and immersive recovery curriculum for the patients at Longbranch. He oversees the Recovery Advocate team and believes in the value of having staff with lived experience. He hopes that all who come under its care are able to experience the joy and freedom that an active and service-centered life has to offer. He also manages Longbranch’s operations and compliance to ensure patients are consistently provided with safe and ethical healthcare.

Preston Satchwell