Longbranch Leadership Team

Chris McMahon


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Chad Grimm

Chief Executive Officer

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Ervin Carr, LPN

Director of Medical Services

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Dr. William Rout

Chief Medical Officer

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Emily Hausladen Meyers, LPC

Executive Director

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Holland Counce

Director of Admissions

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Michelle Skaggs

Director of Human Resources

Longbranch Healthcare: Clinical

Shelby Rosenblum, LPC, LAC


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Amanda Raines, Ph.D.


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Katherine McGuire, PLPC

Lead IOP Counselor

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Patrick Hammett, LPC


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Longbranch Healthcare: Medical

Dr. Richard M. Carr, MD


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Dr. George Singletary MD, MPH

Addictionology Fellow

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Dr. Benjamin Bailey MD


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Maegan Hebert, LPN


Lakisha Tillman, LPN


Kelli Holden, LPN


Longbranch Healthcare

Preston Satchwell

Director of Recovery Services

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Katherine Quayhagen

Director of Wellness

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Alexandra Brady

Executive Administrative Assistant

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Brian Hirsius

Utilization Review Specialist

Leone Ackland

Recovery Advocate

Jenny Stuben

Recovery Advocate

Sam Hatchett

Recovery Advocate

Shawn Ryan

Recovery Advocate

Cairy Spiers

Recovery Advocate

Tyler Rafferty

Recovery Advocate

Tiffany Mejia

Recovery Advocate

Leah Mendoza

Recovery Advocate

Chad Labasse

Recovery Advocate