The Longbranch Philosophy

Longbranch was born out of a belief that addiction treatment requires a truly holistic approach that treats the mind, body, spirit, and family.  Our purpose is to educate and empower patients along-side their families to recover from the disease of addiction.  The mission of Longbranch Healthcare is to provide an educational and experiential foundation for long-term recovery.  With that philosophy as our north star, we incorporate evidenced-based medical and clinical modalities that act as an educational and therapeutic firewall to the pitfalls of early recovery.  Our medical and clinical teams provide compassionate and innovative care by incorporating comprehensive and personalized treatment plans.  Addiction is treatable and there is hope for recovery.

Longbranch Healthcare: Administration

Chris McMahon


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Emily Hausladen Meyers, LPC


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Holland Counce, PLPC

Director of Development

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Linda Couch

Director of Marketing

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Michelle Skaggs, SHRM-SCP, COSM

Director of Human Resources

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Jenny Pierson, CIT

Admissions Coordinator / Case Manager

Tavi Kerns

Admissions Coordinator

Ashley Neto-Mannina

Administrative Assistant

Altondra Crockett

Executive Administrative Assistant

Myshaundrala Brown

Executive Administrative Assistant

Letter From The Founder

Twenty years ago I sank to the lowest point of my life. I had been chronically addicted to Opiates and alcohol for over a decade. I had now lost everything, my family, my career, my hopes and my faith. I was at a point where I actually welcomed death. I had gone from a person with “everything to live for” (college athlete, smart and well liked) to a life of constant fear, dishonesty and hopelessness. I mean it when I tell you that absolutely no one who knew me thought I would ever get sober. My family had absolutely no interest in ever having a relationship with me again. The police knew me by name.


Then a miracle happened. I surrendered to the process. Somehow, I asked for help. Somehow, it had gotten bad enough that I became willing to listen to other people. I became willing to take the actions that would forever change my life. My father gave it “one last chance” and sent me to a long term recovery center with amazing counselors who specialized in trauma, addiction, and used highly customized individual therapies. The miracles kept coming. I met friends and a support group of others who were new in recovery and somewhere in those next few months I bought in. For the first time ever, I found hope. I found a program that I could actually work. Recovery became something tangible that I could actually see myself doing one day at a time.


Since then, recovery has afforded me a life I never dreamed of having –  the return of my family, a family of my own, along with “true relationships and friendships. I’ve had the fortunate ability to found two companies with almost 200 employee’s.  Every day I’m doing work that is truly fulfilling and helps others. I could never have imagined myself, a former chronic opiate addict having so many beautiful people in my life.


I started planning Longbranch in 2015 with the hopes of bringing truly comprehensive addiction treatment to Louisiana. Quite simply, I wanted to offer the same treatment caliber I was given out of state, while adding newer evidenced-based modalities. My dream was to assemble the best team of passionate professionals, all with a singular purpose, to help families and individuals recover from the disease of addiction.


And it all started with the miracle of surrender. I hope every suffering addict and alcoholic gets the same gift, the same miracle.



Chris McMahon - Founder