Legal Representation


If you have an addiction problem and a legal problem, especially a recent arrest, you need to call the Rehabilitation and the Law Legal Center (RLLC). The RLLC attorney specializes in using your participation in rehab to significantly minimize the impact of the crime or have it dismissed altogether. Or if you’re overwhelmed by creditors, a divorce, a job problem or otherwise, the RLLC attorney will help you successfully get through rehab while simultaneously handling your legal problems.

Legal Counsel: Providing legal services to people with drug or alcohol addiction or other substance use disorders. We also bring lawsuits to create broader change that can benefit many people.

Provide comprehensive clinical specialist advice and support to the benefits management team to assist in the assessment and management of Income Protection, Critical Illness and Ill health liability Insurance claims.

Develop and build effective relationships with claimants by holding discussions and conducting assessments through telephone or face to face contact, establishing their clinical capability, developing and monitoring rehabilitation plans.

Develop and continually review procedures to ensure market leading delivery of rehabilitation programmes to proactively manage Income Protection claims, assisting with return to work plans and providing guidance on reasonable adjustments as stated under the Equality Act.

Develop and build effective relationships with IFA’s and Policyholders (employers), both pre- and post-sale, in order to promote the understanding of our benefit management philosophy and operating procedures.

Develop, build and maintain effective relationships with our external suppliers to ensure that we receive cost effective services.

A. Bruce Haddrill
Attorney and Counselor
Rehabilitation and the Law