IOP for Mental Health Treatment

Intensive outpatient programs for mental health help you heal your mind, body, spirit, and family from the roots — without having to press pause on your daily life.

What is IOP for Mental Health?

Intensive outpatient programs for mental health are also known as IOP for mental health, in shorthand. Mental health IOP is a type of treatment that allows you to pursue robust, focused clinical treatment for depression, anxiety, and other mental or behavioral health issues without having to enter residential mental health treatment.

What Happens in an Intensive Outpatient Program for Mental Health?

IOP for mental health consists of intensive outpatient treatment sessions several times a week. During treatment, you live at home and commute to one of our IOP locations in Covington or Metairie, Louisiana. This schedule allows many patients to pursue IOP treatment without disrupting their work or school schedule.

Is IOP Mental Health Treatment Right for Me?

A better life is possible with the right treatment for mental health issues. Give us a call to discuss the difficulties you are facing, and how we might be able to help.