Our Treatment Services

Residential Inpatient

Longbranch Recovery Center is a comprehensive residential treatment program incorporating counseling with physician-managed care for addiction and co-occurring disorders. Our holistic and integrative approach to recovery centers on compassionate care and intensive therapeutic treatment. With a 6:1 clinician to client ratio; residents receive individualized programming from evidence-based treatment modalities.

Intensive Outpatient

Our intensive outpatient program, Longbranch Wellness, utilizes various therapeutic modalities to provide comprehensive treatment for substance use and co-occurring disorders. Our program involves weekly group therapy, individual counseling, physician-assisted care, and family programming to help create a strong foundation in recovery.

Adolescent Outpatient Treatment

Our adolescent outpatient program provides group therapy and counseling for teenagers who are at risk for developing or are currently experiencing substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. Our goal is to help teenagers embrace a healthy lifestyle while treating the underlying issues contributing to their drug and alcohol use while supporting the entire family through the process.

Family Support

All treatment services within the Longbranch Healthcare system implement a strong family systems perspective. Addiction is a family disease and the entire support network must treated to give the individual suffering with addiction the best possible chance to get well. Through intensive family workshops, groups, and counseling, we educate and empower the loved one’s of people suffering with the disease of addiction by giving them the tools to support and heal.

Individual Counseling

Longbranch services start with personalized treatment and therapy plans. Clients work closely with a counselor through one-on-one therapy to meet their goals and work through difficult issues in a compassionate, safe environment. The combination of group, family, and individual counseling provide a comprehensive framework that empowers clients to recover. Recovery is a personal journey. Each person comes into treatment with their own story and needs. We develop individualized treatment plans based on our client’s goals and work together to build a fulfilling life in sobriety.

Holistic Modalities

Our holistic approach to wellness views the disease of addiction as a problem requiring the treatment of the mind, body, spirit, and family. We address this by implementing integrative modalities like mindfulness, yoga, nutrition, and recovery communities to assist clients in developing a spiritual life that promotes healing and growth.