Healing for the Family

Healing Your Family from Addiction or Mental Health Issues

When there is addiction or mental health issues in your family, the entire tree is affected — and the entire tree needs healing. We understand how difficult it is to watch a loved one struggle with drugs and alcohol and we’ll walk with you as your family begins the journey to recovery.

Treatment for Families

While we treat the mind, body, and spirit of the loved one who is struggling with addiction or mental health issues, we also believe it’s a vital element of your loved one’s recovery to heal the family as well. To that end, families of clients in our residential program are offered a three-day family workshop, family counseling sessions, and a free family group online. In IOP, the families of our clients can join our weekly family group with their loved one.

Throughout your loved one’s treatment, our Masters-level clinicians will work with you on practicing skills such as:

Codependency Tools
Communication Skills
Rebuilding Trust
Building a Recovery-Friendly Home
Relapse Prevention
Understanding the Disease Model of Addiction
Understanding Mental Health Issues
And More

Understanding Addiction & Mental Health Issues

Your loved one’s addiction is not your fault. Rather, it is a complex, chronic disease that needs professional treatment — just like cancer or diabetes. That’s why we treat the mind, body, spirit, and family as a whole.

Is Your Loved One Struggling with Addiction or Mental Health Issues?

Let us help your family heal from the roots.