Longbranch Wellness Metairie

Longbranch Wellness is an 8-week intensive outpatient program consisting of group therapy, individual counseling, physician managed care, and family support. We support our clients in recovery by creating a safe environment with accountability to help create a strong foundation for a new life.

Longbranch Wellness is an intensive outpatient program with a holistic approach to recovery from the disease of addiction. Conveniently located in Old Metairie, our beautiful facility offers clients a comfortable environment to pursue their goals. We are staffed by experienced clinicians who utilize various treatment modalities to create individualized plans for clients based on their unique needs.

Longbranch Wellness allows people suffering from substance use disorders to continue to work and live at home while receiving intensive clinical and medical care from professionals.

Longbranch Wellness provides
compassionate, comprehensive, intensive outpatient therapy to inspire change and improve quality of life.
Our purpose is to educate and empower patients along-side their families to recover from the disease of addiction.
Sobriety is the harmony of your mind, body, spirit, and family


Longbranch Wellness Programs

Individual Counseling

Group Therapy

Family Support

Physician Care


Recovery Communities