Longbranch Recovery Center

Our retreat center in Abita Springs, LA has been designed to create a tranquil environment and atmosphere conducive to restoration and recovery. A historic site, completely updated in 2017 features arresting natural beauty and modern amenities that include: double occupancy rooms with in-suite bathroom, 14 foot ceilings, full beds, a personal chef preparing gourmet and nutritional meals, pool, yoga studio, and recreational services.

The Longbranch Recovery Center, operated by Longbranch Healthcare, is one of Louisiana’s premier inpatient treatment centers, blending a variety of treatment methods to tackle addiction and co-occurring disorders.


Addiction begins in the mind. We treat the mind with a passionate group of licensed clinical and medical professionals who use effective modalities to provide individualized care for each client. Our Licensed Professional Counselors and addiction counselors provide clients with an individualized treatment plan. Intensive-personalized therapy, group counseling, and family sessions are aimed at treating the mental health of the client and the family system. Our medical team is comprised of experienced physicians and nurses which help stabilize and optimize client well-being through medication, medical assessment, and withdrawal symptom management.

Assessment and Testing


Intensive Personalized Therapy

Group Counseling


During their stay at Longbranch, clients are encouraged to reunite with their limitless internal strength and resilience through meditative practices such as mindfulness, yoga, jogging, and circuit training. Clients work individually with our Certified Yoga Instructor to develop a custom yoga practice including postures, breath work and meditation suited to their needs and abilities. With an on-site chef preparing gourmet meals, our paleo-centric diet provides an important nutritional aspect to overall well-being.

Withdrawal Symptom Management





Recovery is a spiritual journey. Through recovery communities and the twelve steps, we help clients create “deep, effective spiritual experiences” that will develop their character through a series of transformative steps. With mindfulness at the core of many of our treatments, clients will develop insight into their addiction and mental health issues to build fulfilling and meaningful lives in sobriety.


12 Step Immersion


Recovery Communities


Addiction is a family disease and the entire support network must be treated to give the individual who is suffering with addiction the best possible chance to get well. Through intensive family workshops, groups, and counseling, we educate and empower the loved one’s of people suffering with the disease of addiction by giving them tools to grow and flourish.




Group Therapy